What does programmatic premium got to do with RTB?

Published by: Gavin Dunaway , AdMonsters
Published on: December 3, 2012

Well, not that much really. In our latest piece, we argue programmatic premium is less a revolution and more a set of tools pushing programmatic trading beyond the confines of RTB and into a future where the vast majority of standardized units are bought and sold programmatically. Many of these tools, such as programmatic guaranteed platforms and private exchanges, are being driven by publishers that see the efficiency and opportunity inherent in programmatic but understand publishers must maintain control of their inventory. Doug Weaver, Peter Horan, Seth Levine, Vikram Somaya, Sara Livingston, Bob Arnold and many more industry experts comment on an increasingly automated digital future. Are you part of the programmatic premium push?



Are we part of the push? YES! Well, soon, we will be.

Great point, Gavin. Programmatic direct simply uses the plumbing of RTB to facilitate its product. Nothing revolutionary as you say, but still a tweak in the right direction.

I think the "push" could get a great boost by having each side (buy & sell) agree to an absolute term and definition of this product - which is essentially a 'right of first refusal' product. I think this is severely stunting growth in the short term.

I think you are also correct in stating that programmatic direct may be nothing more than a tool-set that pushes standard IAB sizes to be traded completely programmatically. But, it's a vital stepping stone that cannot be bypassed. I'm all for moving on and growing from it; but we need to understand it better, first. Not sure why this is taking so long.



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