What does a Doubleclick AdX tag look like, and how is it different from a DFA or DFP tag?

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Published on: September 25, 2012

Specifically I am interested in being able to classify an ad tag as DFA, DFP, or AdX. Are there any tell-tale markers in the tag which could give any insight into this?

I've started with a heuristic that assumes the tag is DFA if it includes a "click" parameter. What other things I should be looking at?

I've got a bunch of ad tags that I think are either DFA or DFP, but I don't know what an AdX tag looks like so I am not sure how I can recognize them.


an AdX tag looks just like an AdSense tag...here's an example:

DFA has several different types of tags that you can get for creative...there are "InRed" tags, javascript tags, html tags...a bunch of 'em!

DFP also is a tough one...because there are 2 versions of DFP now!

If you want to post the tags you are wondering about (or email them to me)...I can try to see if I can tell what's what.


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