What do you call your Ad Ops team?

Published by: Greg Morris , UBM Information, uk
Published on: January 16, 2013

Hi there,

We're thinking about how our Ad Operations team is labelled. They are responsible for a lot more than just your bog standard trafficking of ads. We'd like to call them something else that's more of a reflection of their contribution to the Display Ad process but are coming up short when thinking of a name.

We've tabled names like "Revenue Ops", "Digital Products" nad "Digital Commercial Ops".

I'd like a straw poll of what you call your team that is responsible for your ad trafficking and commercial sales solutions and support.

Care to contribute?




We use the title Campaign Manager for those who have direct client interaction and ad traffickers for those who focus more on the technical side only.

We call ours Campaign Ops, but if I could rename them, it would be Revenue Ops - since that's really what they are. The point of the campaigns and accounts is to make money, and Ad Ops turns sales into revenue.

AdMonsters spend a lot of time thinking about how to enhance the position of the Ad Ops group within the company, and while it may seem silly, I do think the department name matters from a positioning standpoint. We're all marketers here, and brand matters - put revenue in the name!

We call ours "Campaign Managers"

We call our ad ops team "account managers" though we have considered "digital campaign manager"

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