What AdOps tools are available for testing for excessive redirects on network tags?

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Published by: Albert Santos , GreatSchools.org
Published on: August 22, 2014

Happy Friday everyone,
Basic question here for which I hope there's a simple answer. I recently experienced where a network I use sent us a new campaign. After a day of running, I was notified by the network that this tag had too many redirects and stopped the campaign.
Before notifying us, it may have caused site problems. What tools are available to test for excessive number of redirects on network tags? I use an ad validation platform, but it doesn't work on network tags (because of redirects).


There's a bit of science in this. Any HTTP Proxy app will let you validate it (Chrome Web Dev tool, Charles, etc). However you really need to know which ad call it is coming from in order to troubleshoot. A lot of people use Ghostery browser plug-in, which lists out redirect loads as the page load. From there, and depending if there's a referring URL associated, will be able to show who and where it is coming from/going. https://www.ghostery.com/en/download

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Great question, bump.

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