Weekend Ad Ops Coverage

Published by: Kerel Cooper , LiveIntent
Published on: March 4, 2010

Anyone out there have any thoughts on regularly scheduled weekend Ad Ops support/coverage? Anyone currently doing this? Thoughts? Pros? Cons? etc.. Thanks in advance.


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We don't have a formal policy but need to create one. We do have an informal and it is for emergencies only: home page won't load, high profile placement is broken, etc. Today it would generate a call to an Ad Ops Manager. The manager would then work with the other managers or team members if needed to resolve until the following business day.

~ Melissa

Thanks for the feedback Melissa. We are still pondering the idea of regularly scheduled coverage on weekends vs "on call" for emergencies only.

What I did in the past was just forward the main AdOps telephone to person who had "duty" for that night or weekend. And of course only for emergency coverage ( not clicking, website down etc..) In the 10 years I had that active, It was only needed like 3 times.

@Sean - we currently have a process for emergency coverage. My thinking for asking this question is I'm still considering regularly scheduled weekend coverage for putting up campaigns as they come in and cleaning up the Friday rush.

Curious if your 24/7 support is for emergencies (an ad is not working / breaking the site etc) or are they also putting up campaigns that are late (late creative or last minute campaigns) or both sides?

We staff 8:30 - 5:30 weekdays and just implemented an on-call schedule for weekends. We use a web-based ad server (OAS) so access to campaigns is available from any internet-connected source though everyone is provided with network VPN access as well.

We encounter a weekend and/or after hours issue requiring immediate attention/response roughly every 3 to 4 weeks - very manageable. Echoing Sean's comment, a high percentage of these issues are attributed to a third-party tag (invalid or missing click-thru URL, sliding billboard doesn't retract after expanding, etc) outside our direct control.

In addition to having an extended coverage policy, it's been more important for us to have established policies and procedures regarding the scope of support personnel's decision-making. Does the on-call Ad Ops person have the authority to pull an ad? And if so, what criteria dictates an ad be pulled? If a customer writes in saying s/he is offended by an ad for some reason, is that grounds to pull it? What about when our site gets zero-day attacked by scareware/malware ads - what then? Etc. The action to be taken is usually the easy part - developing the decision-making process used determine the action to be taken is the bigger challenge.

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We support 830-530pm. If there is a business need after 530 (events, elections etc) we make arrangements ahead of time.

We have one person on call for 2 months at a time. They have an extra laptop available to them at home and most of our team can also remote in via their home computers if need be.

This mostly comes into play with some custom executions, airline or travel emergencies etc.

We also have an International Division and we both provide some 24/7 emergency coverage for each other. It's also smart to have many layers of this. Basically a call list (Start at the top and go down until you find someone).

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Currently we support 9.00-6.00pm weekdays and have a dedicated person available, on call 24/7 for emergencies. We give people access to be able to remote into their desktop in the office where amendments or changes and be affected.

We haven't had to call upon this resource that often, most often it's because of a 3rd party issue causing problems on our pages as we have a vigorous QA procedure in place

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