VPAID - Inventory requests drop-off

Published by: Scott Mackay ,
Published on: February 24, 2014


We are using Live Rail as our programmatic platform to deliver non-linear overlay using VPAID tags.
Previously we were delivering ads to one of our sites and seeing 6 million inventory requests a day, when using VAST.
We then swapped over to VPAID and now only see lees than 300 000 inventory requests a day.
The publisher has done a lot of testing on his side to see if there is an issue however they have not found anything.
To be clear; even though our inventory requests have dropped off dramatically, our impressions and clickthroughs have remained constant.
My question is whether anyone else has experienced this before?
Did you find a solution?
Any guesses as to what could be causing it?

We are racking our brains over here so any help is greatly appreciated!



Thanks Vijay

I will contact you shortly.


Hi Scott,
Just wanted to offer my help here. I run Services at LiveRail and while we may not be directly involved with the issue at hand here, I am certain our team can help drive this to a successful resolution. If you can provide some specifics about the issue, like an entity id and a test page, I can have our support team drill down into this asap.
Please contact me directly at vijay at liverail dot com.
Look forward to working with you.
Vijay Balan

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