Viewable Impressions - A Solution For Publishers,

Published by: J Zilberbrand , Mediavest Worldwide
Published on: November 9, 2012

Hey all,

After almost a year of beta testing we are happy to announce the launch of OnScroll - an ad technology platform which enables publishers, networks and agencies to serve ‘viewable only’ inventory.

Our patent-pending technology solves the viewable ad issue, by enabling publishers to serve only 100 per cent viewable inventory by rendering ad placement codes when a user has the chance to see an ad. OnScroll’s unique technology enables publishers to deliver responsive advertising based on how users interact with their sites.

Once fully live, the platform will also provide publishers with a rich source of analytics on how users engage with their scrollable web pages and ad placements, thereby making recommendations on the appropriate position of each ad unit.

The technology has already been tested across millions of page views globally and has on average increased publisher's inventory by up to 10 per cent. Engagement rates compared to standard units have increased notably too, with CTRs and hover-over rates up by 31 per cent and 39 per cent respectively.

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