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Published by: Catherine Beattie , Tribune Publishing Company
Published on: July 18, 2012

Hello Monsters -

If you are a publisher and have already tested targeting to viewable impressions or adapting your site to that initiative, can you let me know about your experience? And what ad server you're using to make that happen?

If you are using reporting tools only, to determine after the fact how many impressions (and which ones) were delivered as viewable, can you let me know what tool you are using, and how that has gone so far?

Thanks in advance!

Catherine Robinson
Tribune Digital


I like the idea of viewable impressions, as a geek :) And Kate Maxwell, Ad Ops Manager at Gawker Media presentation is a good one. Though I would hazard that Gawker is more optimized than the average publishing organization because a source of revenue is affiliate sales, where publishing is still display ads driven. And viewable impressions, ads that appear 'above the fold' are akin to search ads on the second page of results. Hence we're seeing a lot of articles with one ad per page and a page flip instead of a scroll. Is there are way to measure below the fold ad spaces, like a pixel that fires or the average time on a page to read an article? A sales person with this kind of thinking may be able to.

For those of you who couldn't attend our Boston Publisher Forum, Kate Maxwell presented on viewable impressions.

if you didn't attend, you can become a member to view the content.

Hi Catherine,
We at do a lot of viewable impression measurement also in connection with targeting ad visibility. If you like, I am happy to introduce you to some colleagues of major German publishers who are working with us. Just send me an email:


Thanks for your feedback, all!
Catherine Robinson

Several large Nordic publishers use the ad-server which also provide this functionality. Visibility reporting has been used by most agency campaigns in the Nordics for about two years, so they probably have some practical insights.


Catherine, I heard that XFP will introduce viability reporting early next year. Tripadvisor is very interested in testing with another partner before that.
I reached out several times to RealVu but noone returned my calls and emails. Does anyone have a contact at RealVu?
Question for folks that use AdTech and OAS: do the integrated features allow only reporting capabilities or targeting capabilities as well?

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As far as I know, the OAS/Moat integration currently allows for reporting, but not yet targeting. What kind of targeting capabilities are you looking for?

I can see using these tools to determine where to place ads and adjusting CPMs accordingly. I think the assumption has always been that the banner at the top of the page commands the most views, but these tools are showing otherwise. It could be your middle banner that commands the most views because users are immediately scrolling to find content of interest.



Hi Catherine,

24/7 Media's adserver, Open AdStream, is integrated with Moat, a brand intelligence and analytics company, to provide data around viewable impressions, in-view time, interaction time, interaction rate, etc. This article offers additional information...



Hi Guys,

I'd also be curious on which ad servers are offering targeting and/or reporting of Viewable Impressions.

We've seen some interest in this area, but currently do not see DFP/XFP supporting nor giving insight into reporting against this metric and curious if any of you have had luck with viewable impressions related to DFP or possibly another ad server? Sounds like AdTech has started moving in that direction, any other ad servers have this in their pipeline?


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Hi Catherine and Faisal,

Based on endless talks with ad ops team, it seems clear to me that one of the main challenges with ensuring ad compliance rules is to get an accurate picture of the ads in view in real time. As I see it, lacking full visibility and the option to know which ads are displayed on a website practically means that operation teams essentially are working in blind. Wouldn't you agree?

Without resorting to flagrant advertising, this is exactly the reason why we developed GeoEdge Analytics… The platform captures, analyzes (even understands) any ad on any website, served by any ad network and from more than 100 global locations (including 26 US DMAs). From a single UI you can then easily get a consolidated view of all the ads in view. Feel free to contact me offline, if you would like to test the system.



We use Ad:Tech for our adserving, who have just enabled that feature in their new release.


Hi Catherine,

We have been offered a new solution from our adserver which we are testing to see if it gives us a good indication of ads in view.

We are also looking at a company called Burtcorp who are a specialist in this kind of analytics.

I'm sure there are others out there though.


Thank you, Faisal - which ad server are you using, that offered the solution you're testing, if you don't mind my asking?

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