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Published by: Jason Terry , Topix
Published on: July 26, 2012

Hi folks,
I'm hoping to find out how other companies manage queues with many requests (via email), changing priorities, quick turnarounds and multiple team members. The reason I ask is because our queue changes almost hourly and more often than not, junior team members rarely know when or how to change gears and prioritize what’s more important unless specifically asked to stop what they're doing and work on what’s now on the top of the queue. As things get busier, I expect this will only get more complex and frustrating and things will fall through the cracks.

Are there software tools that would help manage this? We do use JIRA for requests that involve other teams (engineering), but sales doesn't use it and since our sales team is not in the office giving them VPN access only so they can use JIRA is not ideal. The answer I’m looking for is something to manage tasks from the team with the short and quick turnarounds. Any advice or insight on what others like and use?


Don't the users have the ability to set the level of priority for the actual problem they are encountering? I think that's very important, it's like the difference between tackling Windows Restore (http://www.compuchenna.co.uk/windows-system-restore/) or removing a Trojan horse virus, the end user will have some understanding of which is more important than the other, and thus you should give them that control to set it.

Indeed, there are so many software’s for task management. I appreciate your zealous of knowing about new softwares. You can either search them online or ask to some experst who uses these kinds of softwares often. Thanks.

You will get many task management software with the help of search engine.... I think you have to check it out..
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I would really recommend that you take a look at TimeSheet Reporter (http://www.timesheetreporter.com), which makes it possible to report time via your Microsoft Outlook calendar.


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Hey Jason,

Here are a few really general collaboration task management tools made for the modern web:

- www.asana.com
- www.producteev.com (Jive)
- www.do.com (salesforce) but I think they're discontinuing service soon.

We're actually working on a feature to manage campaign requests in our OMS tool. We're currently in private beta, but I'd love to learn more about your challenges and pains.

edwin AT placements.io

I've been faced with this issue many times in the past too. I tend to solve it by using collaboration tools like TeamBox or PivotalTracker (the latter is probably better for software / development projects) where you can re-order tasks as and when you need to, based on priorities. What i've found interesting though, is that even when successful delegation and queuing has been achieved, it can be a real struggle to ensure that everyone (whether team members, clients, stakeholders or investors) are sufficiently kept in the loop. This is something we're trying to solve at the moment via http://updatey.com. I'm not sure if this would help you in your situation?

For dealing with our tech teams, and managing our bigger AdOps tasks, we use JIRA. For handling the smaller, day-to-day, campaign issues, we are using a feature in Sharepoint. It's not as clean, but it's good enough for our needs.

I also have experience with Trello, which is freeware, and it is great. Trello is kind of "out there" when you first touch it, but it actually organizes things very neatly.

Task management software can be the best for employers looking to keep track of the project hours. If I have to suggest a good software, then Replicon's ( http://www.replicon.com/olp/online-time-recording-software.aspx )Software can be great for time keeping and project tracking. In my experience, I haven’t faced any problem with this software.

You know, there are too many options available for project management, but selecting the perfect one of your needs is the best bet.

I was looking out for a project management tool, that also does time tracking and reporting, task management, expense management, bills management and invoicing, but you know, I did not even find one tool that does all these.

But then my friends recommend me Replicon, which provides a project management software[http://www.replicon.com/project-and-program-management] suite, that does project management, but they also provide add-on's for time, expense, task tracking and management and also for billing and invoicing.

Going great for now, but I am always looking out for better options.

Hey there, I would suggest you to go for ProofHub . ProofHub (http://www.proofhub.com/) is web based project management software for managing projects, files, milestones, to-dos, time tracking. I am using this tool and happy with the services being provided.

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Jason, this has been an active conversation in the Publisher Email Forum List. We'll publish the results of that discussion this coming week. Basecamp and Jira seem to be the favorites with a few others being mentioned as well.

I was going to suggest JIRA - you might also look at Rally. For sales teams, we use the Case functionality in Salesforce, and it works pretty well. You can setup email notifications, assign teams, categorize, etc. I'd look into that since it will probably feel comfortable to your sales folks and it sits in an existing tool they have to use, assuming you are a customer.

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