Serving Pre-Roll to Mobile Devices in Mocean Ad Server

Published by: Carissa Laufman , Time, Inc
Published on: September 7, 2012

Hello Admonsters,

Are there any Publishers serving Pre-Roll in Mobile via Mocean Ad Server? If so, I'd love the opportunity to discuss your implementation.

Carissa Laufman (Pelletier)
Time Inc.


Mocean focuses on providing the best ad serving solution for mobile display. At this time, we do not have plans to offer a full feature video ad server. However, to service our clients, we have released a couple of video ad responses for specific vendor solutions. We are working toward full VAST compliance in 2013.

Our rich media template ad allows for a format agnostic response. Some clients have used this to return "video reference IDs or URLs", allowing the client (or middleware) to then retrieve and serve the video content. This allows video inventory to be managed within Mocean for forecasting, trafficking and display based reporting.

Additionally, our campaign APIs can also be used to synchronize campaigns across various platforms.
I’m available to discuss in more detail and can be reached at

-Graham Mosley
VP, Platform Solution
Mocean Mobile

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