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Published by: Todd Curran , Poynt, Inc, ca
Published on: June 13, 2012

Hi all

I'm reaching out to see if any of you can offer some hard numbers of the cost difference between mobile rich media and banner ads. It's evident that RM ads are more expensive to produce, but by how much?

Are there any higher costs on the publisher side?

Do the revenues generated justify the costs to networks, publishers etc?

Much of the information I've found out there is not specific to mobile and am looking for any experience you may have had with RM.

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Rich media ads, it seems to me, are a class of creatives utilized to entice consumers further along their purchase decision making process, at the risk of sounding didactic. Most RM creatives offer high-level product 'sampling' like a short video or a lead capture form. And they are very effective, yet some money have already been spent, perhaps offline and away from the awareness of online workers, in building that awareness. If your client is beginning to build awareness online, I would stick to banner ads, in the same way text-ads are effective, for this stage of a marketing strategy.

The cost ratio is close to 3:5 for Desktop and mobile Rich media. Cost is justified as you are reporting on mobile creative elements individually, which other wise not possible in normal desktop RM. High CTR/Response is guaranteed if its a compelling RM unit and targeted to right TG. We might justify cost interms of engagement and time spent on the creative units otherwise if the sales KPI is not meet. .

Hello Todd

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Alvin Koay | CEO & Founder

It sounds like you're coming from the creative or production side and I'm speaking as the display/pub side.
I've been looking into mobile RM a lot lately too and it seems that the most important question is whether the mobile RM ad will serve in a mobile website or an app.
247Sports doesn't have an app and the mobile RM we've implemented on the mobile site has been relatively easy to implement and we've definitely seen better CPMs net to us (publisher). Serving costs for the pub are around double but the higher CPM makes up for it.
Rich media in apps sounds much more complicated but perhaps because I'm looking for only mobile web, it seems that everyone is writing about rich media in apps. Search for keywords like "SDK" and definitely read here:
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