Rich Media Vendors for Tablet and Mobile

Published by: Beth Hinson ,
Published on: June 20, 2013

We are currently looking for a rich media vendors focused on both tablet and mobile. Preferably ones that we don't have to implement their SDK. Are there any suggestions out there for me to look at?


For mobile web, in addition to the ones mentioned already, we have also done some testing with Phluant, Undertone and ResponsiveAds. Some of the major vendors (MediaMind, DoubleClick and Pointroll) are beginning to focus in on mobile and responsive ad units so you might find some luck with them as well depending on the products you're looking for.

Hi Beth,

Im not sure if you are still looking, but Pictela, by AOL Networks, is a Rich Media platform that allows for bespoke creative builds, or via pre built templates across desktop, tablet and mobile. No SDK needed.

Publishers using Pictela including Sky, Perform, Bauer, Dennis, IPC, Hearst Magazines as well as all of AOL's properties, including The Huffington Post.

We are finding that many publishers want convergence, they dont want a seperate provider for desktop and mobile/tablet. It's about audiences not devices and as such their choice of vendor should reflect that.

Feel free to drop me a note if you are still looking and interested.

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HI Beth,

Crisp Media provides a platform and services to build, adserve, manage, optimize and measure impactful mobile optimized experiences. We provide the most professional and flexible tools in the market, but we also can help your sales team sell rich media effectively by providing a library of KPI driven and optimized ad products. There is no need for proprietary SDK's, so check us out on or email us on


Hi Beth,

Aarki delivers joyful mobile experiences with a variety of engaging ad formats, bridging the gap between brands, users and premium publishers globally. We are a full-service ad platform that's redefining the way people interact with mobile ads using our rich media technology and in-house creative team.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to email me at!

Good luck in your search,

Beth - Check out Celtra.Com. No SDK Required.

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