Responsive Web Design and Ad Tags

Published by: Carissa Laufman , Time, Inc
Published on: May 3, 2012

Are any sites setting up their ad tags with a Responsive Web Design? If so, curious to know the vendors that were reviewed and any learnings that can be shared.



A process of designing websites to provide an optimal viewing experience for all type of devices as well as for all type of internet browsers. In the past it was not possible for a website to have responsive look for each device and browser until HTML5 was introduced.

Responsive web design is the future of the HTML designs. Now it is considered the best way to design business and/or personal websites in a professionally way. Web surfing via mobile devices is improving much day by day and in the coming few years mobile website surfing will take place 70% of the personal CP or laptops usage due to 3G and 4G invention. There are millions of web design companies and almost each web design and development company( provide their best services in responsive web design.

Bless you for sharing your info further your blog; this is rudimentary, however incredible doctrine plus look this website. I retain always seen, I cherish it I retain wise something today! Bless for advise.

Carissa - recently redesigned.

The site content is in a responsive grid.

The ad tags are dfp gpt; and we swap out creative sizes/ad tags at three breakpoints (small-phone, medium-tablet-portrait, and larg-desktop/tablet-landscope)

So, the site is responsive; but the ad tags are more adaptive - we swap out ad tags; we don't run "responsive ad creative"

If that solution is appealing to you; be glad to share learnings.

If you are strickly looking to run only responsive creative; then our approach may not be "the droids you are looking for"

Hi Mike,

I'm wondering if you might have some time to discuss how your redesign to responsive went and how you're tackling things such as multiple creative sizes (do you offer custom ad creation if clients don't have a certain size), reporting and viewability related to responsive.

Please let me know, would love to pick your brain!



Sure - Nina - reach out to me at and be glad to set up a call.

Hi Carissa Laufman,

Good Morning! I hope you are doing good.

I read your message regarding the ad tags with a Responsive Web Design.

Our company Djax(Dream Ajax) Adserver Technology solutions have useful products including ERP based on your requirements and kindly check the couple of URLs below.

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I'm always willing to respond to any queries on your side either
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dJax Adserver Technology solutions

Many non-profits will use WordPress or Drupal as an out of the box cheap DIY method for building their site, so I wanted to include a few themes for the two platforms that use responsive web design.

Thanks for making this post Carissa. I compiled a list of some top resources I found on Responsive Design and Best Structure for an HTML5 layout page. Hope it can be useful to other web developers. Check it out/ feel free to share.

Responsive Web Design means the balance between the look and the ease of use.
The design will be called great when it will catch the eye at first glace and after that restrict user to stay there.

Betaalbare webdesign

Maria! Thanks for shouting out our Netmagazine article. I can be reached at we would love to try our framework out with any of you. It is now in private beta and open! Love the feedback!

Warm Regards,
Matthew Snyder
CEO, ResponsiveAds

Thanks Everyone for your feedback. I will email separately to start a conversation.


If you'd like to know what is going on this topic, we have a LinkedIn group, please join -


Hello All,
We have been developing responsive sites and yes responsive Ads is a possibility and I would love to chat about this. My email is - Recent Responsive Site we built -


Hello Carissa and group,

We are currently creating Responsive display ads, websites, and social - so it can be done! They all utilize shared insights, data and content and the tracking can be done with ad tags/containers across the channels. Let me know if you have any questions about it - it's pretty exciting stuff! Here is our Responsive Campaigns website: and my agency is for more info.

Ted Billups

Responsive Web Design is also on our roadmap. So far my impression is that it will be difficult to serve and monetize with our current strategy and technologies. This article was helpful in evolving my thinking on the challenges.

I'd be interested in discussing further ideas with a group. Particularly, if others are exploring specific solutions/vendors.

Maria Breza

Hi Carissa, We haven't done this yet but this is definitely on the horizon for us. I'd love to chat with you about how far along you and your team are with this. Can you reach out?

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