Responsive Design Feedback

Published by: Nina Shea , TechTarget
Published on: January 16, 2014

Hi Monsters,

We’re preparing our sites and ad calls for an upcoming transition to responsive design, and wanted to reach out in hopes of getting some perspective and feedback from those of you who have already gone through the effort or are planning for it. Our main challenges seem to stem from (1) how far should we solve for orientation awareness and (2) unique & shared ad sizes across the audience buckets (desktop, tablet, smartphones).

I’d love to understand how other publishers are tackling responsive and your views on the best (and worst) ways to approach the implementation. Any feedback you’d be able to share is much appreciated!



Actually website design should be responsive since it is nice to work with and easy to use.

The most important thing for developing a website is the the website created is attractive and user friendly .Nowadays most of the internet users are accessing net on their tab or mobile phones.The ad which you want to give should be small and exact to the point .If you are facing problem in creating a website then you can hire a web design south florida

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