Responsive Ads?

Published by: Kevin Rollier ,
Published on: April 11, 2014

Hi All,

We are building a responsive site and would like to re-scale our ads automatically so the advertiser can deliver us 1 banner instead of 1 for each breakpoint we have.

Therefore we are looking for a technology / company that can automatically re-scale ads from our advertisers (Flash / ad tags / HTML5 / ...).

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If you have heard it can be done, it is because what was delivered to ad ops was a creative tag not the actual files. And the responsiveness is done on the client's end, through their ad server -- do you know what I mean?
If you were delivered a GIF file, you would need a full size and a mobile unit, and your ad server will deliver the appropriate one.

Hi Kevin,

I am helping with our new web design and we are facing the same problem. First I just wanted to check and see if you have found a solution?

We are converting from Open X to DFP and from a basic site to a responsive site. I am not the programmer, I just am setting up DFP so some of this is like a foreign language to me.

We are currently trying to do the same thing with flash files (.swf). We have about 20-25 local advertisers on the site and don't want to have 3 different breakpoint ads for each line item. Rather, place the one flash ad and have it respond to different viewport sizes

As of now, here is what we have discovered;

By using Google Swiffy and converting ads to HTML5 and then plugging in some coding into the creative settings part of the ad, the ad becomes responsive. Unfortunately these ads are not working on IE8 or older which is still a fair amount of our traffic. I'm trying to find a way to add a fallback ad that will work only on the older versions of IE but have not found anything yet.

top of ad code:

.swiffywrap {
position: relative;
width: 100%;
padding-bottom: 12.36%;
height: 0;
width: 100%!important;
height: 100%!important;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;

bottom of ad code:

Please let me know if you've come up with anything, I'd love to brainstorm some solutions.



in order for you to be able to make advertiser's ads need to encourage them to build out in HTML5 and make them responsive as well. In many cases, advertisers/agencies are not to keen when publisher's try to do this since a lot of work is put into creating the ads exactly the way the advertiser's want them to be displayed.

Responsive Ads....
That's what we do at ResponsiveAds, Inc! (
We have technologies as well as full-service consulting and production services around multi-screen ad technology.

From Demand to Supply side we offer a suite of products and services to serve the Responsive Ad landscape...

We have some interesting new releases coming out that you will find interesting. Let us know if you need anything.

Matthew Snyder,

Kevin, Website out of date :)

Yes- PSD is one way we prioritized the ingesting of creative assets and converting them to a HTML5 cloud-hosted package. We also have direct upload as well and do support SVG, embedded ( 3rd party tags) and Flash for what we call a "SWAP" configuration of the creative.


Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your feedback.

As I can see on the website, you only support PSD file types. This is not exactly what we're looking for. What we look for is a system that also support SWF files because 50% of our clients delivers us that kind of material. Some of them aren't able to deliver us PSD files so this is not a bullet proof solution for us.

Kind Regards,

Hey Kevin,

Echoing Shashank's message. We built our platform to do exactly what you describe. One tag to traffic for all sizes, where the ad responsively resizes itself to fit the ad slot. should give you a good idea of what we mean.

We've got pilot programs in place with some of the largest publishers and creative agencies in the the industry and are expanding our beta access to a handful of new clients each month. If you'd like to be included in that next roll out, just let us know. hello@gospecless

Looking forward to talking further.


Steve Corby
CEO & Founder

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your feedback.

Your system also only supports PSD files. And we're looking for a system that covers the whole package (SWF, HTML5,...) A lot of our clients aren't able to deliver us a PSD file so for them we can't use your system.

Kind Regards,

Hey Kevin,

I hear ya-- you've got a responsive site and it makes total sense that you'd want your ads to be able to be "fluid" within the layout.

We're having many conversations every day with publishers in your exact situation, so thought I'd offer some thoughts:

> We can take assets created as SWF or designed in HTML5 and make them responsive. Though, I think the level of automation you are looking for, where it just automatically resizes creative is going to be very hard to find, as ultimately creative decisions have to be made by someone when scaling an ad from one size to another. The brands/agencies need to maintain that control, so pure automation on the ad-delivery end would be tough.

> Agencies/Advertisers are slowly adopting responsively designed approaches to create their display campaigns. We've been having a lot of success on-boarding creative agencies lately. This will help your situation, as these assets when trafficked will do what you are asking for automatically. But this will take time before this is standard practice.

> All of the publishers that we've worked with use our product by offering a unique responsive placement at a premium price to clients. That ad unit is fluid in width, and requires creative assets to be responsive. The cost to use our platform is bundled into the price of the placement, so the advertiser can either create an ad in our platform or provide the publisher with a PSD that can be used to generate a responsive ad unit for them.

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to talk further.




We have a platform designed for responsive ads. Please checkout

It will provide you with one usable tag, that can fit in any ad-slot.

Feel free to reach out to us,, or to me personally.


I can do that. i been working on mobile responsive for +5 Years, and designing mobile and ads for Theorem Inc and some others. Please feel free to sent me a email to so i can see your what you need.

Looking forward to help you



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