PMP Platform UIs - The Motherload

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Published by: Jeffrey Mayer , Shazam
Published on: January 31, 2014

I care about you, but not like that...

I've been struggling to convince Product Managers and Developers to add any of my feature requests to their roadmaps, or to find the ideal Programmatic Platform. All seem to include the same limited feature list (or have a worse one than we already use). It might be because I'm the only one kicking and screaming and I don't carry enough weight.

So if you'd like to join forces with me, here's a long list of items that I'd like to be available in a Private Marketplace UI & believe that these are universal to Pubs and needed ASAP.

It will also help you out when evaluating new PMP partners.

Please feel free to knock on doors, call phone numbers, stalk engineers, and ask your platform rep to add these or show you how they handle these items:

Branded RTB Price Floor
Anonymous RTB Price Floor
Semi-Branded RTB Price Floor
Advertiser Price Floor
Trading Desk/DSP Price Floor
Ad Review & Blocking UI by Deal Type (Preferred Deal, Private Auction, Open RTB)
Advertiser Name Blocking
Advertiser URL Blocking
Sensitive Category Blocking
Category/Subcategory Blocking
Ad Server priority Tier Controls by Branded, Anon, Semi-Transparent
Dynamic Allocation
Competitive Exclusion to Direct Sales Campaigns
Bid Range Reports by Advertiser
Floor Price Recommendation by Advertiser
Floor Price Recommendation by Channel / Site / etc.
All Layered Dimension Reporting (No Conflicts/Excluded Layering)
Keyword Filtering in Reports
Associate a Salesperson with Advertiser/DSP/Trading Desk in Open RTB (Allows unblocking of Advertiser / Eliminated Channel Conflict).

Deal ID
Create Several Deal IDs within one Deal Package (parent/child)
Deal ID as downloadable format (AdX Deal ID string does not format correctly in Excel)
Automated Deal ID creation
Reportable Deal Package Name, Deal ID Name, and Deal ID
Individual Publisher Deal Offer name (separate from the Buyer Deal name)
Publisher can Create and Submit Deal ID/Offer
Advertiser can Create and Submit Deal ID/Offer
Editable Deal Offer (Edit Advertiser List, Buyer, etc.)
Salesperson Field (Track Commission & Reportable Dimension)
Trafficker Field (Track Workload and Ownership)
Optional: Sales Permissions (Negotiate and Communicate Deals - Cannot Approve)
Optional: Trafficker Permissions (Build Targeting, Deal Offers, Cannot Negotiate/Approve)
Optional: Admin/Manager Permissions (Negotiate, Build and Approve Order)
Platform Send Email Alerts (New Offer / Ready to Be Viewed)
Platform Send Email Alerts (Internal to Team for Next Steps - i.e. Approval)
Edit and Save Offer without Submitting to Buyer (To Manage internal Workload / Workflow)
Require in Deal ID or Deal Package: Buyer Name (John Smith)
Require in Deal ID or Deal Package: Buyer Email
Require in Deal ID or Deal Package: Buyer Phone Number
Priority Tier Control (Allow higher tier for strategic account/lower CPM)
Preferred Deal Overrides Advertiser Blocks in the Open Auction
Private Auction Overrides Advertiser Blocks in Open Auction
Private Auction must disclose full Advertiser Rotation & Allow Blocks
Pricing Floor Override for Preferred Deal (Open RTB price floor override)
Bid Rate Pricing Preference (input higher bid price than PD negotiated rate)
Allow First Party Audience Segments in PD/PA
Allow Third Party Audience Segments in PD/PA
Allow Multiple Audience Segments in PD/PA
Trading Desk/DSP Audience Segment Transparency (For Avails Overlap and Inventory Valuation)
Forecasting (Including Audience Target/Cookie Match)
Allow Preferred Deal Guaranteed/ Scheduled / Booked Impressions
First Look (Above Open Auction)
First Right of Refusal (Above other Preferred Deals)
Exclusive Deal (Prevent Other Advertiser from Bidding)
Dynamic Allocation
Dynamic Allocation with Priority Tier Control (by Advertiser, Branded/Anonymous, CPM, Inventory, etc.)
Integration into Direct Sold Campaign dashboard (Can Create Preferred Deal ID/ Line Item within Direct Campaign)
Overlapping Inventory Allowed (page targets)
Overlapping Inventory Allowed (line items)
Overlapping Inventory Allowed Key Value Pair
Even (50/50) Delivery for Same Buyer/Price PDs/PAs
Open RTB Creative Ad Preview/Blocking
Preferred Deal Creative Ad Preview/Blocking
Private Auction Creative Ad Preview/Blocking
Allow Dashboard Views with All Layers of Org Tree, i.e. the following:
*(All Deal IDs) Org Tree
*(Package - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Advertiser - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Advertiser - Package - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Buyer - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Buyer - Package - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Direct Order - Deal ID) Org Tree
*(Direct Order - Package - Deal ID) Org Tree

Duplicate/Copy & Edit Deal ID/Offer
Template Deal ID
Template Deal Packages/Media Packages (multiple Deal IDs)
Template Public Packages (pre-built and exposed/available to buyers)
Control Pricing in Individual Deal IDs
Control Priority Tiers in Individual Deal IDs
Control Pricing in Ad Unit Packages

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