OAS vs. dfp for small business vs. AdJuggler

Published by: Rebecca Meyer ,
Published on: February 24, 2014

Hi Admonsters,

Any comparison insights to share between OAS, dfp for small business and AdJuggler?


There's a lot of great solutions out there. It really depends on budget, what you're serving (creative), how you're going to connect your orders, and what kind of technical get up you want (reporting, tagging, et al). This is based from my experience and opinions. Details may be a out a bit because these products constantly change and update/upgrade:

AdJuggler had great support. If I called something out, they'd respond and customize a solution (or fix) for me. The push to serve is about 5 - 10 minutes. Interface was simple enough, to a fault. Easy ingestion of 3rd party data or tools. They have a wide array of tagging options as well. The only real set back is they use fixed ad id's. It's great for network or small sites, not so great if you want to know what page you're pushing to though.
- easy to customize
- great customer support

OAS was great for sorting out delivery pacing. I haven't used it since 2005 though, I've heard a lot has changed since they've joined up with XAXIS. Push to serve is about 15 minutes from when I was using it. It had zone capabilities. I'd imagine tagging has expanded overtime.
- very flexible tier-ability of campaigns/line items
- benefits from XAXIS relationship

DFP has the most user friendly interface IMO. Push to serve was about 15 minutes as well. It has some hiccups due to the immense network of accounts it supports. This is the bread and butter way of ad serving to-date. You can find anyone competent and train them on it. Google is great at gearing out new solutions on the SB format. I think it still works on id's and zone names.
- universal knowledge and support from community
- easy to learn
- stays current with market demands

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