Monetizing non-Javascript Enviornments

Published by: Greg Dolan , Deseret Digital Media, us
Published on: February 5, 2014

Our syndication team produces content for other news organizations. The articles are distributed through an API passes static HTML only. We are allowed to deliver one ad through this system, but without Javascript or IFrames, ad serving is difficult.

DFP provides Standard tags which can serve, however these tags only deliver image creatives. We need to serve third party ad networks to monetize the content.

Does anyone know of an ad serving solution that would work in a static html environment and allow for the delivery of third party hosted creative?



Hey Greg,

I'm from LiveIntent and was on the email thread between our organizations. To be fair, we didn't elect not to partner with you, we'd in fact love to. We simply can't accomplish what you're looking for technically. Our ad server works in email only, we use static HTML because that is the only thing allowed in the inbox. But we are limited to only serving ads within email, which is the reason we could not partner with you, based on your requirements.

Thanks and please email me if you have any other questions or ideas on ways to partner.


I've found nothing's ever easy in this field and answers are hard to come by. It took me a while just to figure out how to use DFP in email and I'm still not even sure it's actually supported by them.

Thanks Robert, tried the URL redirect method, but DFP Support told me it had to reference an image, not a network ad server.
I tried to reach out to LiveIntent because I had heard they do well with static HTML email environments, but they actually elected not to partner with us.
Don't you love it when people invent a business model that is not technically possible?
We'll probably have to hardcode an ad network into the story and give up ad server control.

Maybe try hosting the third party creative on your server, then using the 'remote image' option under image creative in DFP try pulling in the URL at which the creative is hosted? Not sure if remote images show the same as DFP hosted images in non script environments. just a thought.

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