Mobile Remnant ads redirecting users to app store

Published by: Katharine Killian ,
Published on: March 14, 2014

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with mobile ads redirecting users off site and on to the app store without clicking on the ad? We've come across a few of these lately coming from several different networks. Have you been able to successfully block these types of ads?


To all:

Just came across this blog post from The Media Trust that helps in this very issue:

Hi Katharine,

With the increase of mobile traffic, it's indeed of the issue publishers are facing with.

We had to investigate similar cases recently for our mobile publishers and we discovered that the spammers use pretty advance strategies to bypass automated malware detection. Very often such ads will be delivered for very specific device configuration only.

It requires deep human investigation to identify the ad ID and corresponding partner. We always managed to block such ads quickly and we have some strong processes in place to streamline the investigation (list of required info, ad delivery logs query, etc.)

A good strategy could be to higher your price floor as very often these ads correspond to very low CPM campaigns.

Smart AdServer

We have had the same problem a couple of different times throughout the last year. We troubleshooted by turning off all mobile non-direct providers and then turned them back on one-by-one to identify if the issue came back. This was over a few days to give each network a chance to re-create the problem.

It's annoying and a headache we deal with as a part of Mobile SSP's.

Would love to hear more from others that may have found a better solution/quicker solution!


Hi Katharine,
This is a known and growing problem, which impact many publishers. At GeoEdge we specialized in Ad verification and offer a service to monitor the quality of ads that are delivered by 3rd parties. In particular automatically detect redirects of mobile ads – without the user clicking on them. Please contact me directly if you need additional information. (

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