Mobile Creative Testing weapons of choice

Published by: Todd Morris ,
Published on: April 2, 2014

What sort of testing process or tools are you using to test mobile creative? Your own apps? Responsive test pages? Desktop Tools?


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We are using DFP GPT tags for mobile web; and for App.

We have a config file setting in our apps. It invokes the DFP "test=on" variable.

So - traffickers can traffick to App section / test=on; and then it can be tested by

1) Tester downloads the version of the app that allows config changes. Tester can download the production mirror; or the latest release candidate.

2) Tester accesses the config interface.

3) Tester changes config to "use test ads config"

At this point; all add calls get the "test=on" value sent in the ad call. Test show up.

Hi Todd,
At GeoEdge we specialized in mobile creative and campaign verification. We offer more than 30 different quality checks, around user security, creative content and operational tests.

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Hey Todd-

I work at Smart AdServer, and we have a couple different solutions for testing creatives for customers.

For native apps:
We provide our ad server clients with a dedicated app to test creative in a live SDK environment for Android/iOS. It's a powerful debugging tool as it allows to test many type of integration and you can test any existing flight on the fly.
We have a full iOS and Android testing app suite available.

For mobile Web:
For iOS, our clients use the live preview feature (to view placements on live mobile sites) in combination with the Safari console, by connecting a mobile device to your Macbook. The Xcode simulator is extremely helpful in this circumstance.

For Android, about the same with Chrome (Android App) console + plugged in device, or you can emulate a Chrome window through the development tools on Google Chrome's desktop app.

Hope this reaches you well - best of luck.

Steve Romain
Solutions Engineer
Smart AdServer

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