Mobile and Desktop Ad Server experience

Published by: Rich Cao , Kelley Blue Book
Published on: October 29, 2012


Has anyone served desktop ads in their mobile experience? Is so, what are some of the challenges you've encountered and what ad server did/were you using?




Here are some items to note when trying to serve desktop/display Ads within Mobile:

1) Lack of Flash Support - Apple does not support Flash and many Android devices have issues serving Flash even through the Flash program is installed.
2) File Size - File sizes on Mobile should be smaller to account for users Connection speed (1g, 3G, WiFi).
3) Different Ad Dimension Sizes - Mobile devices have their own set of standard ad sizes (

Depending on the Ad Server you use there are different solutions. Doubleclick (DFA) offers users to build "DFA for Mobile" tags which allows for multiple banners in one tag. But Standard DFA tags will work in Mobile.

Other Ad Server tags will work in Mobile as well, but expect some varying discrepancy ranges (anywhere from 5%-70%) from the Ad Servers reporting on the the Mobile Environment.

A good mobile resource can be found at the IAB's Site:

Hope this helps.

- Matthew Parness

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