Maxifier, is it really that good?

Published by: Angie Singh , Trader Media Group
Published on: May 2, 2013

Hi Monsters,

Quick question, is anyone out there using Maxifier?
If you are what benefits have you seen?

The burning question is, have you made more money as a result?

Any tips/recommendations would be great as we are almost closing the deal with them.



Just to add to Gina's comment, We've been using Maxifier since 2010 and get some great results from the console.

In my team, it has empowered Ad Ops to make effective decisions and deliver optimum performance on every digital display campaign. In terms of ROI we've seen our DR bookings grow significantly since we've been able to optimise to conversion as well as CTR.

Key benefits...

- More specific recommendations in our proposals – understanding of what works well for different advertisers or campaign objectives

- Using past learning’s to improve future performance – if you re-run an identical creative, we can 'duplicate' your previous optimised campaign

- High level of quality data - We asked Maxifiers to develop their reporting suite so we can arm Sales with information to pass on to clients which can identify area's of success for every campaign



Hi Angie
We use Maxifier here in our Ad ops teams. I work on the recruitment size of things and Danny Doyle's team work on commercial.
My team do find that it helps increase our CTR. As for money, at the moment its too early for us to tell, but it has been a positive selling point for sales to use.
Hope this slightly helps

Gina Cox
Guardian Jobs Ad Ops Team leader

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