Managing Sponsorships, Takeovers and Roadblocks

Published by: Darren Bulakowski , Pelmorex Media, ca
Published on: June 14, 2012


I am curious what others are using to manage the reservation of sponsorships (and takeovers/roadblocks). We currently use a Sharepoints calendar system that allows for reservations to be requested via pre-made forms and are managing about 40+ bookings per week. Does anyone have a creative way to make this easier using non-traditional workflow tools (Operative etc.)

Thanks for any information!



Depending on your order entry point, you can create non-ad served placements or products as placeholders for sponsorships. The "booking" of these products at varying percentages allows inventory managers, planners or sales to see what has been reserved.

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Hi there. At Trulia, we have upgraded to DFP premium and use DSM as well. In DSM, there is a sponsorship calendar that provides functionality to specifically suit this purpose. However, before we made the transition to these systems, we used a plain old Google calendar with shared access among necessary parties. Sounds to me like you're probably using a good process and there may not be much room for optimizing efficiencies. Good luck!

Hi Darren. We have a similar volume handled of sponsorships typically per week. We use an internal Sharepoint calendar as well managed by our inventory analyst and traffic team. It's worked out pretty smoothly for us and allowed multiple groups to get a clear picture of national/geo roadblocks (less maintenance than Excel at least). This seemed to be the only way other than a traditional front end system that has worked out for us.

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