Managing Sponsorhips/Sponsorship Calendar?

Published by: Nicole Scholtyssek , NBCUniversal
Published on: January 31, 2013


Has anyone found a good way/system to manage sold and pending sponsorships/high SOV deals? We have tried several options in the past like spreadsheets, sharepoint calendar, outlook, etc... But wanted to see if someone has found a better solution.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Nicole, are the sponsorships and SOV deals always sold as such or do you have a "hybrid" approach where the same product can also be sold as impression only? Does your contract management system not handle these types of sponsorships?

We devised a solution in Salesforce, that while not terribly elegant, was pretty effective at centralizing the information and preventing double-booking.

Basically we created a product for every single roadblock & sponsorship that was for sale for the entire year, with a date appended on the name. So like, "Homepage Roadblock - 2.1.2013 - 2.7.2013" and so on. Then, the sales person would have to select the specific product they wanted to add it to the plan, which they could just search for. Then, we could just run reports based on searching for the date codes each week or month, and Salesforce kept track of what was reserved and what was free and if it was reserved, who it was reserved for. We'd have all reservations expire after a fixed amount of time and force the sales team to reconfirm the deal was hot until it closed, and then it was booked and held.

Worked pretty well, and it wasn't as much work as it seemed to setup. We just did some work in Excel to make every combination, and then uploaded that in bulk. We were also able to tie overlapping roadblocks together to prevent conflicts, so if you had let's say a Sports Section roadblock and a Baseball Section roadblock and couldn't sell Sports if you sold Baseball because the latter was nested in the former, we could catch those issues with some validation and hierarchy rules.

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