Published by: Brian Hamilton , World Wrestling Entertainment
Published on: February 11, 2013

Has anyone seen or heard of a similar experience? If so, do you know the origin or the networks being leveraged?

I've been told...

Warning messages are popping up on frozen computer screens, appearing to be a message from the FBI. The message claims a fine must be paid in order to have the computer unfrozen.


Hi Brian,

yes...malware can be passed through ads and/or through the ad server tags. I've had to switch several sites from OpenX (free) to DFP Small Business because of malware that came through the ad tags is a bit of an issue with the free product there.

I looked at the WWE site...looks like you're using DFP, so I'm not really worried about the ad tag issue for you...sounds to me like a bad ad got through. There's no real way to know which ad it is...especially if you're running networks. If there's a way to see which individual ad it could probably track it back to the network and get them to remove it (and hopefully banish the advertiser to the depths of somewhere nasty!).

It's a tough one...we rely on ads yet there are jerks out there who like to mess with our livelihoods!


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