Looking for recommendations for Ad Inventory/Management Software with CRM and dfp integration ability

Published by: Rebecca Meyer ,
Published on: January 30, 2014

We are a growing in-house ad agency selling across 8 websites (100,000 million plus pageviews per month)and one print magazine. Migrating to dfp for ad serving. Looking for an ad inventory/management tool that would integrate with Salesforce and dfp.

I am looking for customer testimonials for programs that are serving your ad management needs well.


I've heard about ADvendio business solution advertising. I can see that it has been already mentioned by Yasemin Gueneli. I run my own business - http://www.datalab.pl/ - and actually I need a good ad inventory/management solution. I think I will check ADvendio out.

I hope Orderhhive is helpful for here as inventory management software side.

Hi Rebecca,

I wish I would have come across your question earlier, as it sounds like ADvendio is exactly what you are looking for... ADvendio is an end-to-end advertising business solution powered by Salesforce to manage your advertisers, agencies, inventory & rates, create proposals, configure campaigns, process orders, analytics and invoices and much more. As ADvendio is built and operated on the Salesforce platform, it’s the smoothest solution for connecting with your existing Salesforce: ADvendio is the #1 native salesforce.com application for ad sales. You can find ADvendio on Salesforce’s AppExchange: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003IY...

The integration with DFP is included, so you can seamlessly exchange information from one system to another, e.g. forecast availabilities with the click of a button within ADvendio. DFP features such as targeting, availability forecast, submitting IOs, delivery data and many more are supported within ADvendio. Try this link for a general overview of which ad server features are supported: http://www.advendio.com/tour/integrated-ad-server/

This tutorial shows you the intuitive userface as well as the easy sales workflow of a publisher using the ad server integration within ADvendio: http://www.advendio.com/video-management-process/

On top ADvendio is not only tailored to the needs of online ads, but print ads (magazine) as well. So it really does sound like a neat fit for you. If you want to learn more, feel free to request a demo here: http://www.advendio.com/aboutus/contact I'm more than happy to help!


Funny how you said you were looking for customer testimonials and you get all sorts for sales pitches. Ha. We are a Fat Tail customer and while we have not yet integrated to Sales Force, I have spoke with other people who have and like it well. The integration to DFP is pretty slick and it uses DFP inventory vs some external forecasting engine. The other thing that I really like about AdBook is they built a custom portal for us that allows us to seamlessly move between their application and ours. The application we built was an inventory management/workflow management tool for our email business. Unfortunately there was not a great tool on the market that could handle our unique email business so we found one that could handle display well and could be customized to also service our email.

To my knowledge, FatTail has the only product on the market that integrates well to DFP *and* can be customized in this manner.

Thanks Marc, Do you feel their price point is reasonable?

Hi Rebecca,

If you are using Salesforce, then you should definitely consider the Ad Booking Media Platform from CloudSense, which handles both print and digital - and is fully integrated with DFP. It has been developed on the Force.com platform by CloudSense, who are a Salesforce Platinum partner and is therefore a natural extension to your Salesforce CRM.

If you would like more information please contact me directly at saul.clackson@cloudsense.com

Best regards,

Saul Clackson
Account Director - Media

Hi Rebecca

I would suggest that you also look at Mediaspectrum (www.mediaspectrum.net)for a solution that truly handles both print and digital - with full CRM, integration to Salesforce, integration to DFP etc. Its an incredibly powerful and flexible platform. Contact Jay Cody, at jcody@mediaspectrum.net, VP Business Development.

best regards, David Lane, CRO Switch Concepts.

Hi Rebecca,

Certainly worth investigating all options in the market- Fivia, the originator of work flow solutions, has provided strategic Publishers in our industry with enhanced order management tools since 1999. Fivia is the chosen partner by WPP and offers full integration with all ad servers, CRM tools, and billing solutions.

Happy to connect offline regarding why so many Publishers choose Fivia over all other platforms in the market.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience: allison.eckmayer@xaxis.com.


Hi Rebecca -

Operative provides Ad Business Management Software that seamlessly integrates with DFP, and we have a tight integration with SalesForce and other CRM's as well.

I will be able to provide you with more information from our clients. Feel free to reach out to jdugan@operative.com for further details or you may follow through here for a recent press release: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/turner-broadcasting-selects-oper...

Thank you

Hey Rebecca,
I can say that we use Fattail and they have integration capabilities with both. Could be worth a look.
Good luck with your search.

Hi Chris - do you feel their price point is reasonable?

Thank you Chris

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