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Published by: Dan Cassidy , Undertone Networks
Published on: November 7, 2010

I'm curious to determine how my team is performing as it relates to campaign launch accuracy. Does anyone have a sense of what the industry average is? If not, what percentage do you benchmark your team against?

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hi Sarah. It may also be interesting to track revenue managed per operations employee and size of ops team.

Hi Dan,

We think having a survey is an excellent idea. We would like to send out perhaps monthly or quarterly surveys on this and other relevant benchmarks.

Dan - can you or any of the other Monsters give us some other questions that should be included in an industry survey?


thanks for your comments Andrew and Melissa, this is helpful. Melissa, 2% error rate is consistent with what the outsourced trafficking companies benchmark against, and what we're planning to measure against as well, so it's good to hear you're using this number.

Admonsters - it may be useful to get a survey out to members to track their average launch accuracy rate with the goal of creating an industry benchmark.

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Hi Dan ~

I haven't ever heard of an industry average. But we manage to a 2% error rate. Both in our inventory/contract entry and trafficking groups. The trick of course, especially on the Traffic side, is if you don't catch an error, you don't report an error and your error rate actually looks better.


Hi Dan,

We've always work to 10% of bookings have errors, but obviously it depends on areas in your booking process that can allow ambiguity or misinterpritation of trafficking instructions and how complicated your network / sales team are.


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