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Published by: Christopher Lofgren ,, us
Published on: February 3, 2012

Greetings all,

Many of our clients are keen to serve rich media to WAP. The trouble we've encountered seems ridiculous: DFP's mobile creative templates allow for entry of an and tag for multiple banner size "profiles," or one single javascript "custom profile."

But all of the vendors we deal with commonly (pointroll, mediamind, etc) want to give us a javascript tag for each creative profile. There seems to be no way to traffic them.

Who out there uses DFP for mobile? How do you handle rich media?

Chris Lofgren


Hello Chris ,

JS tags can be targeted to a single resolution profile within the edit targeting page. The choice for XL , L , M and Small exist . Perhaps I can give you a run through next week on our call? I would also caution that the majority of phones that accept the smaller sized profiles ( 120x20 and 168) are featured phones - that rarely can render Javascript.

Michael Gashonia

Hey Chris,

We use DFP Small Business and are able to run 3rd party tags through mobile.
When setting up the mobile many months ago there wasn't an option for mobile or web when creating the ad unit/placement. Our mobile placement is currently categorized as a web placement and not mobile.
I just clarify to any advertisers when using 3rd party tags do not use flash for obvious reasons.
That would be my suggestion for a work around.


There is no way to upload multipe 3rd party tags into DART via the Mobile Display creative type.

You can try use the Mobile 3rd Party Tag creative type. You will need to use redirect tags but this way you can upload 1 tag per profile size.

Another option would be to use the Mobile Display creative type and just uploaded the XL size (either 300x50 or 320x50) into the custom HTML box and target to iPhones or Anroids; which can be done via keyword additions. Not the greatest option but I dont see there being much value in running Rich Media out of the small profile ad size anyway.

Hope this helps,


Hey Christopher,

I see by your site that you are using DART rather than the new DFP product. I've not done a ton of Mobile...working on I'm not a pro on it by any means.

I did however look at the help center through the DART interface (there's a link at the top of the Main Menu) and there seems to be quite a bit of information there.

Have you tried calling support as well? They usually know everything in a very simple format. I know they prefer emailing, but when you pay for DART/DFP, you do get phone support. Call in and odds are, they'll send you links to some pages as well as explaining things.

I have a feeling you don't need to use the templating for each advertiser...but instead for each TYPE of ad. For a template for Pointroll and then DART knows to let you choose that and plug everything in. I really never was fond of the templates much...too limiting and there were always little things that came up!


oops. the site read some of my comment as html. dfp's templates allow for entry of an *href* and *img* tag for each creative "profile," or one javascript tag...

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