Issues with Bot Impressions and Clicks

Published by: Eugene Bukhman ,
Published on: April 21, 2014


We’ve been having issues with bot impressions and clicks for quite a while now. We’ve tried botblocker campaigns and blocking offending IPs from accessing our sites with varying degrees of success, but the problem still persists. As a result, we are currently filtering out suspect impressions and clicks manually, which is very time and labor-consuming, but we feel this is the only way to supply accurate stats to our advertisers.

So, the question is: has anybody faced the same challenges and how do you address them? I am especially interested if anybody has any suggestions on how to address this problem proactively rather than react to bots hitting your site with fakes after the fact. However, any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Romain and Angelina,

Thank you for your feedback! Some good information here. As a matter of fact, we use one of the common ad serving platforms and are working with our provider on making our bot defense better. I'm just trying to see what else is out there for us to look into.

Would love to get more feedback from other board members.

Hi Eugene,

As far as understood your own proprietary ad platform(?).

You may find some interesting info regarding bots filtering in the different IAB measurement guidelines (especially the one for clicks counting). You have to mix different approaches to be efficient against bots (IP lists, manual filtering, fraud behavior detection, etc.)

As an ad tech provider we ran through several rounds of certification already and following the specs helped us in the past adopting the proper strategy against fraud.

Hope this helps.

Romain Job

I highly recommend that you reach out to White Ops, who can help you identify the source of the bot traffic.

I've met with them, and they claim that they can identify where some of the sources are coming from (eg. social efforts, organic search, etc.). If you can isolate the problem, and then figure out solutions to block bots from those sources as a first line of defense, then less work for you to implement your own "botblocker" solutions manually.

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