Interviewing Potential Traffickers

Published by: Greg Dolan , Deseret Digital Media, us
Published on: April 23, 2014

When interviewing a potential new trafficker, do you make them complete some kind of task to gauge their general computer skills and ability to enter data quickly and accurately?

Even if the applicant has data entry experience in the past, we've found that it doesn't always guarantee competency.



Operation or trafficking looks easy to someone and to someone tough, i think while interviewing some logical questions are quite helpful and also the interest needs to be checked, this gives some idea about the person. Computer skills is of course important but not much to decide on recruiting a person. A well grooming and blending helps a lot making a person perfect in trafficking as generally traffickers are trained for manual and monotonous process which at the later makes them off with the job/work but if they understand it logically they find it interesting and work with energy

data entry = in the eyes and out the fingers
trafficking = thinking

Employ someone who can think.

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