Impression Exchange Solution

Published by: Mitchell Weinstein , MAGNA GLOBAL
Published on: September 7, 2010

Are any publishers participating in the Impression Exchange Solution, either through DFA or Atlas, or any other ad server? If so, how is it working?


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Mitch ~

We are a DFP shop and have enabled IE within our network. We are seeing many of our DFA advertisers enabling on their side also.

It's working pretty well, only a few small hiccups, but it is limited. It works for inreds, but not custom or tracking tags, which we receive regularly.

It’s worth noting that once an agency enables, only tags generated after being enabled are IE ready. So if you have 12 month campaigns, as we sometimes do, you either have to re-request creative to get the tracking or wait until the next buy (we do the latter.)

I haven’t heard any updates on the other ad servers enabling. My perspective, it isn’t terribly useful until most are on board.

Randy ~

There are at least two vendors out there that provide the 3rd party mapping ability, not just the delivery numbers, but line names and other report aspects. Both Ad-Juster, which we use. And Operative, which we haven’t tried. We had one person pulling reports full-time, the system took it down to less significantly less than one person.

We're just prepping... dropping our id in the [TPAS_ID] slot so that we're ready.

Have been looking to apply this as a way to ease our 3rd party reporting tasks.

Its about 4-6 hours a week gathering/comparing 3rd party data for campaigns.

I sent a request to Pointroll if they support it; awaiting response on that.

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