iFrame Capability in Google DFP

Published by: Luke Schoenberger ,
Published on: March 4, 2014

Hi all,

I currently work with DFP small business, and I have a publisher that is in need of an iFrame to serve our tags on their website.

Can you generate iFrame tags on DFP small business?

I read somewhere that you have to request for the iFrame capability to be enabled on your DFP, which leads me to want to know if this true, and if so, who do I contact?

If it isn't possible to create iFrames in DFP small business, does anyone now how else it is possible to convert a DFP ad tag into an iFrame?



Hi Luke,

try to set the respective tags to "asynchronous" .. Asynchronous GPT Tags work are irame-based.

Kind regards,

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