Has Anyone worked with any outsourcing ad ops companies like Media Mint or Outsourced Ad Ops

Published by: Rani Croshal , AdBrite, us
Published on: January 4, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I am Loganathan from KS Media Services.

We have a team of 10 members started this company and we guys worked for Outsourcing Ad Ops company in Chennai, India for few years. After realizing the value of digital advertising we have started doing it by own having few clients on board.

We offering services in the area of ad operations, trafficking, reporting, Screen grab, Campaign Optimization, creative review and testing for our clients.

Expertise in digital platforms like,

Google Ad words
Doubleclick Ad exchange
DFP Small business
Right media
Accordant media
Cox digital solutions
Adobe(Efficient Frontier)
Marin Software
Perfect Audience
MMedia, etc.,

Currently we are looking new clients, anyone interested interested please contact us at logan.kumarisampath@ksmediaservices.com

Visit : www.ksmediaservices.com


Qwinixmedia has a team of dedicated and experienced ad operations executives that can handle your trafficking needs quickly and accurately. With an extremely responsive team that works to ensure that your campaigns launch on time and without errors, we are the team of choice for a lot of top online media companies.

Services: Display Ad Trafficking,Search Engine Marketing and Optimization,addition to Ad management on Google and Facebook, We can help with the ROI on Facebook and also competitor analysis. We have a toll we have built to gather all the information from Facebook - Posts, likes, offers, shares, influences (people who are talking the most about the company page), community managers - We also do a compare with the companies and come up with recommendations on optimizing the ads.

Hi all,
I know about Media Mint, as I spoke to one of the manager over there and I saw his profile and work experience its really amazing. The Guy I spoke with him where down to earth character, and he listen to every one what they say and he is really care about the trafficking and traffickers.


I know the guys at OutSourced AdOps for many years. Most of their senior team worked for me a a rep firm a few years back and I have nothing but great things to say about them, then or now. Crag Leshen, Michael Alania and Richard Yoon were wizards managing ad ops for our company accross 70 websites and using every ad server in the industry.

I continue to see the quality of their work at OAO and they have a reputation of stayingahead of the technology curve while at the same time provide world class customer service and support. The feedback I get from their customers is that they feel like OAO is an extention of their ad ops team.

And that's an important point. I know OAO is incredibly flexible in how it is willing and able to work with customers.

I can't recommend them highly enough.

Thanks for the kind words Scott.

We have been doing this for a while, over 10 years, and I would agree with the Pros & Cons listed. But I would also selfishly like to call out a major Pro as your operations, sales and team grows into using a Managed Service.

While there is high turnover and lots of demand for experienced traffickers, the specific value within your organization of your team will be very specific to your property. If you are WSJ, your real value is understanding and servicing the needs of Advertisers and a Sales Team within a financial news setting. If you are ESPN, your ultimate value will be a little different. It is not easy to advance in an organization just because you gain a specific, highly technical skill but your skill and knowledge specific to your company’s unique value does help you advance.

Now the higher up you go in an organization the more trafficking is seen as not adding value but just an operating expense. Ad Product, Pricing, Yield, optimization and customer service… these are things that Ad Ops does everyday and these skills do help a company grow, prosper and become more profitable.

By carefully outsourcing the more data entry tasks of trafficking you can grow your team’s role, responsibilities and contributions as your business grows.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do not look at these tasks as just data entry. We have a very senior team and service many large, prominent properties. But someone on the ground, working directly for a publisher can add value no outsourced group can. And conversely, servicing many different publishers allows us to grow our team and skills in a way that a single publisher, no matter how large, never can.

So to sum up, outsourcing done right can help you advance within your organization and allow you to add more value. By taking all those tasks that are not unique and of a specific value to your organization off your shoulders, you can grow into the leaders this industry needs.

At AARP we work with Acceleration. They manage our trafficking but they also have additional managed services like newsletters, etc and we do some consulting work with them and a little bit systems integration work. They're a great all around company. http://www.acceleration.biz/

The company I work for (small publisher) was outsourcing their Ad Ops and Inventory before bringing me on as they were also utilizing their internal sales team with the media partner. After being brought on I can only say the delivery numbers favored the Media Partner and inside sales had under-deliveries across the bored. Outsourcing is a great way to go, but ones you start seeing under-delivery time for a change.

We have used Theorem - www.thoeoreminc.net for three years. We also have an in-house team of about 20 dedicated AM's stateside.

We generally use them for more "routine" tasks such as screenshots, large trafficking request, reporting, etc.

I just ran the stats for the past year's use & utilization rates of our outsourced team, and we keep them pretty busy.

For our more experienced Account managers, being able to shift some routine tasks off-shore saves 5-10 hours per week (more during peak times).

Through some inquiry after discovering this thread & forum, I found that one of our other divisions is using MediaMint (with positive feedback), and we are going to review our off-shore AdOps efforts to see what other opportunities and efficiencies we can realize to maximize our off shore AdOps efforts.

David Rachford

Hi all,

I know that many companies(publishers) outsource their ad ops to Operative, who outsourced their work to India to some companies. Why the publishers outsource directly to the Indian companies so that they can avoid an inter-mediator in between the person who gives the job and person who does the job. I know Operatives where doing Ad-Ops by their own but most of the work where outsourced to Indian companies especially in Chennai and Bangalore. Indian companies will ready to work directly with the publishers but, operative made a bond with them that they shouldn't work for the publishers who they are working. I tried to start a business in Chennai(Southern India) but unable to do that as I don't have anyone in abroad to keep in touch with client.

I am in this field of Ad-Ops for the last 5+ years even some of my friends were having 10 yrs experience unable to start a BPO kind of stuff in Ad-Ops. Even I have B1 visa for US but unable to get a Work permit to stay and work from there as a client coordinator from US so that my friend will take care of operations in Chennai.


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Hi Rani ~

We use Operative and have for a few years, we are quite happy. They allow us to manage the peaks in our business more efficiently and make some portion of our trafficking a variable vs. a fixed cost. We have an internal team too, using outsourcing has allowed our internal team focus on more value ad activities.

While I have not used OAO, I know some of the folks over there and find them to be a good group of people, I would recommend having them and Operative in your consideration set.

Having outsourced for a few years and tried more than one vendor, here are some things to consider:

> Do you want to hire outsource traffickers or buy trafficking services. Both have pros and cons. With the former, you know who is doing the trafficking, but if they are busy, they are busy, same as an internal team. If you buy trafficking services, you may not know the trafficker, but you also don't have to do all the training (our team is 8-10), the vendor handles all the training and managing.
> Cost. The prices are all over the board.
> Service. Are you having them traffic solely? Or are they also managing campaigns, pulling reporting, optimizing? What are the harder activities.
> Onshore vs. offshore.

Lastly, it doesn't matter how good the company is and how good the trafficker is, the key to success for the publisher/customer are twofold: 1. complete and detailed documention, 2. a day to day POC on your team.

Hope to have helped, let me know if you would like to chat more.

We use Operative for our ad ops. They're based in NY. Not only do they provide efficient trafficking services, but they specialize in ABM solutions to help optimize operations and sales of your digital advertising products, which is vital for any organization-big or small.


An internal team IS nice to have...but not every company has the budget for the headcount. Plus, with the revolving door that ad ops can be...it's very expensive and annoying to have to be sometimes constantly going through the hiring/training process. Even the best companies to work for have to deal with this, because ad ops it traditionally a field that people use as a jumping off point for something else (usually engineering or sales).

When I interviewed at Outsourced Ad Ops...it was in the San Francisco office. I'm not sure if they have international teams or not...but their offices are located stateside to the best of my knowledge. They assign traffickers that are your traffickers, so you don't just get someone randomly (again, to my knowledge), so you basically have an offsite team, not just random traffickers. I don't know about the bigger companies, but if I have a client that needs me in the office and it's not halfway around the world...I go in. Of course, it helps that I'm just outside the SF Bay Area...can't deny that...but if a New York client needed me in the office for a week...I'd work something out with them.

Ad ops can truly be done from anywhere. With services like instant messenger, Skype and join.me...you CAN essentially be there without actually being there. Remote work is what the internet was supposed to bring...but there are still a lot of folks out there who don't feel comfortable with it. It does lower overhead...you don't pay the taxes, you don't pay for a space for that person to sit, you don't have to pay for health benefits, you don't have to buy them a computer, you don't have to train them, you don't have to hire them, you don't have to fire them and pay out severance...there are a LOT of factors to carrying a headcount that just kind of get lumped into operating costs. Having someone on an hourly basis vs a salaried basis? That in itself can be huge. In ad ops...there are loads of times when you sit there bored as can be...and then suddenly you work 12 hour days for a week. Feast or famine...that's our job!

I do fully agree with you on offshoring...I'm never very happy when I call in on a credit card or what not...only to get a support person who has never even seen one! It's a fine line, but with the right company or person...outsourcing a job that doesn't need to be a fulltime headcount can save a company a lot of money and time...and get them a great job done!


Pros and cons to my opinion.

I prefer an internal team who will have the right feeling and close face-to-face communication with the entire company, whether it is sales, business development or any other department.
The only reason to me would be the lack of finding qualified people if needed. A combination might work to. Have one or two internal ad ops who will run the daily business and have the real operational work done through outsourcing.

Regarding reducing overhead, having outsourced ad ops does not automatically mean it will lower the costs to my experience.

Last note, in The Netherlands MSN has its operations outsourced in India. Budgetwise the best solution, but I know that their internal sales AND their clients are not too happy about it.

I've heard good things about Outsourced Ad Ops. I actually interviewed there at one point. The people I met with really seemed to care about the publishers and were having fun at work...so that makes for a good team.

I now DO outsourced ad ops, so I can tell you from the standpoint of whether the actual idea is good...yes, it is! Ad ops can be a rather labor-churning job. Just when you get someone in and trained...poof they get a different job. By utilizing the skills of an outsourced company, you reduce your overhead for benefits plus for training and hiring! It's really a win across the boards, and ad ops can be done from just about anywhere as long as you have internet access. I was doing it in my hotel rooms in Paris and Dublin (though not much since I was on vacation!)...with no issues whatsoever!


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