Has anyone worked with 7 Days Media?

Published by: Phillip Elliott , Gamut
Published on: August 25, 2010

Has anyone worked with 7 Days Media? We had a publisher accept a buy from them, from what i've been told, they seemed legit, cleared credit approval and proceeded to submit 3rd party OpenX tags (yes I know) which contained a very malicious trojan. The tag contained a false reference to webtrends "http://webtrends.0cdv.com", however, it also contained .php script (never good). Please let me know your thoughts, I could not find any details on 7 Days Media except for a site that does not look legitimate.



I haven't worked with them, but they were used as a media reference for a client that i just found out yesterday was also using malware. If i were you I would avoid them at all costs. The client i was working with said that 7 days was out of Fort Collins, Colorado, but when I looked them up, their website said they were in Berlin. I got totally screwed over by this client and their malware. Don't let the same thing happen to you!

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