Geo-fencing in standard ad servers vs. mobile ad servers

Published by: Matt Pferschy , The Business Journals
Published on: April 7, 2014


I am curious what technology other publishers are using to power geo-fencing (rather than IP based geo-targeting)capabilities. We would prefer to leverage existing ad server technology, like DFP rather than have a separate mobile ad server. Are there any bolt-ons or workarounds? Any other insights on geo-fencing?

Matt Pferschy
The Seattle Times


The major ad servers like ADTECH & DFP have geo-fencing built in.

Ultimately publishers are moving to have fewer, rather than more technology providers and having separate Mobile and Display ad servers can't be a long term solution.

Publishers are beginning to sell more cross channel campaigns with mobile, display and video within. Measuring across multiple ad servers is not time effective for anyone.

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