FTC Do not Track

Published by: Sarah Kirtcheff , Flashtalking
Published on: December 3, 2010

Hello Monsters,

There have been several articles this week about a possible "Do Not Track" measure.

Here are the articles from today:

Consumers should have 'do not track' option for behavioural ads, says US regulator

House Meets to Discuss Do-Not-Track, John Kerry to Propose Privacy Bill

FTC's 'Do Not Track' Could Doom Web Marketing


I wanted to hear your thoughts and see if we can start a discussion about what this could really mean for the industry. What do you think? What's your reaction?


The UK IAB Behavourial Targeting Council are meeting this week, 15th Dec so there may well be an update after this re UK/EU developments and the "icon project". The US are ahead of the game though with testing in process already as I understand it. The IAB produced this site http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ which gives consumers info if anyone is interested.


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