Foreign Language Support for Ad QA

Published by: Nina Shea , TechTarget
Published on: December 11, 2012

Hi Monsters,
Wondering if any of you can suggest vendors that can support foreign language ad QA, and potentially ad trafficking support. Specifically, I’m interested in any vendors who could support French & German, but other languages are a plus. We’d be looking for French & German creative QA of standard banners as well as QA review of custom web pages in language. Vendors who could potentially do both QA & ad setup support in one of these foreign languages is preferred but not a requirement.

Please let me know if you have any experiences with vendors who could support something like this, or any suggestions on potential solutions for foreign language QA.



Hi Nina,
I'm not sure if you have already found a vendor for this service, but if not, you can try Geneva Worldwide. They're a New York-based language services company that provide language support in pretty much all aspects. Good luck!

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