forecasting with DFP master / companion ads

Published by: Nathan McCormick , Function(X) Inc, us
Published on: January 23, 2013

Does Doubleclick avail forecasting take into consideration companion ad delivery on master/companion line items (or is only the master ad's inventory considered)? Per DCLK both are adjusted, however, based on documentation around how roadblocks serve for legacy DFP I am skeptical...


Hi Nathan,

Yes, DFP Legacy considers the combined (Master ad slot and companion ad slot) delivery and predicts the availability.

However, you can only run availability for Master Ad, and the result includes both Master and Companion Ads. You cannot run Availability Forecast for a companion ad separately from its master ad.

Availability forecast displays combined results of available impressions as well a breakdown for master and its relative companions.

Source: My experience with Legacy and DFP help center.

I hope this helps answer your query, feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Chirag N. Raval
Program Manager | MediaMint

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