DSP and Order Management Systems

Published by: Thomas Good , Comcast Spotlight – Corporate
Published on: May 5, 2014

Hello fellow monsters!

Anyone have any creative ways of managing or leveraging a more direct integration between your digital order management system (DSM, Operative, FatTail etc) and off site, demand side platform buys? Placeholders and lines are fine, but a swivel chair typically happens for entry/campaign management/forecasting etc and I was hoping to get some insight into how other folks are either integrating or treating as a completely separate process.



Hey Tom,

We're a startup in the OMS space and we're always trying to learn about new problems within publisher workflow. We're working with our beta clients to include offline product but curious to learn more about the DSP problem.

I'd love the opportunity to learn for the benefit of our product and I promise no sales effort on our behalf.

Shoot me an email.

edwin AT placements.io

Hi Tom,

I've been looking into this myself. I've explained the use case to Operative and to FatTail (I'm a client of both). Currently they don't handle it very well. As you suggested, they can mostly support placeholder line items. They do say they can do unified reporting across both DSP and AdServer activity using these placeholders, but it mostly involves AdJuster doing the heavy lifting.

Ian - very curious to see what Centro Media Manager can do in this regard.


This is the promise of Centro Media Manager -- with the acquisition of SiteScout RTB, the vision is for one grand, unified platform for doing order management and execution across all guaranteed and RTB inventory. Additionally, we have some offerings that are specially designed for publishers who are engaging in RTB buying.

If any of this is of interest, please feel free to reach out!

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