DMPs - Do they represent good value for publishers?

Published by: Russell McGurk , Net Communities
Published on: May 23, 2013

Hi all,

I'm currently reviewing our strategy regarding data management and audience segmentation/targeting to ensure we are capable reacting to the ever evolving demands of clients in what is an increasingly programmatic world!

As part of this, I'm looking into the cost benefit of working with a third party Data Management Platform in order for us to gather ACTIONABLE insight into our audience for use for both direct "premium" sales and across programmatic channels and potentially for audience extension.

For the most part, DMPs are not cheap! so I'm interested to hear about your experience of working with a DMP and if the partnership has proved successful from both an operational and/or sales point of view?

Are there any exciting alternatives to what would be considered a traditional DMP that I should be considering?



If you have the content and engaged users a DMP makes total sense! The best data is first party data, period..

When you have a DMP you know the rules for how that data is collected and you can change things to improve the quality.

Third party data is blind, you don't know where its coming from, or how fresh it is. They rarely share with you how they collect it and in my experience the data performs mediocre.

Here is my DMP checklist.

1. How easy is it to integrate the DMP into your ad stack(s)? I have 4
2. How easy is it to write rules without having to involve technology all the time?
3. Are there APIs to do deeper data integrations?
4. How easy can you organize your data in different ways?
5. Reporting, Reporting, Reporting, Reporting
6. Does the DMP have a first party cookie strategy! Im sure you have a healthy iOS user base and Mozilla will block third party cookies. Make sure you can get total value of your audience. May DMP are ignoring iOS.
7. Can you easily access other data (Third Party Data) and can you acquire it without having to buy blind.
8. Do other companies WANT to work with them?
9. Are their analytics around the audiences to use for analysis or by sales?
10. Customer Service

Some of these we didn't have on our original check list when we were evaluating DMPs and frankly a year and a half ago many didn't have these capabilities.

We use Crowd Control,


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