DMP & Ad Server Integration

Published by: Hicham Oumrim , Citibank, ph
Published on: January 27, 2014


Trying to expand my knowledge on Data Management Platform and Primary Ad Server integration and would like to know more about how targets are passed from DMP to the Ad server.

To my understanding Publisher do implement a DMP container on the their site, that is fired each time a user visits the site. The DMP returns data (targets ) that is passed to primary ad server in order to serve the corresponding creative.

I have read many articles that referred to pixels and server to server integration but i am not clear yet on how targets are past to the Ad server yet !

Is it via the Ad server tags that seats on the publisher site ? A cookie ?

The best article i was able to find is this :

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Hi Hicham,

There are several methods available. The most common is where the DMP rewrites the ad call, client side, i.e. as the page loads, to include key value pairs that related to the user segments. A second method is for the DMP to write key value pairs into a local cookie that the ad server reads during the ad call - also a client side integration. The third method is where the DMP has advised the ad server a head of time of all users and their segments (key value pairs). When the ad call executes, the ad server already knows the user segments and acts according - a server to server integration. A variant of this final method, is where the ad server makes a web services call to the DMP during the ad serving event.

Full disclosure - I work for Krux, the leading neutral DMP on the market - and Krux enables a unique return path from the ad server. We read all of the ad serving decisions for every user, for every impression, every night and produce engagement reports by user segment so you know more about the users who the messaging is working for.

Happy to help out if you have any questions.


Figured this out. I will post more information soon

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