"DMA" equivalent targeting in Canada with DFP Small Business

Published by: Sean Cappello , Wetpaint
Published on: September 21, 2010

We are currently having some targeting complications with a Canadian IO. The IO targets “cities” such as Toronto, but Toronto is made up of like 30 different cities (ie. North York), which DFP/SB breaks out separately from Toronto (or doesn’t include in targeting capabilities). So Toronto itself ends up being a very small target in DFP/SB. The agency we are working with suggested targeting area codes, of which there are only 2, but this does not appear to be possible in DFP/SB.

Has anyone figured out a solution to this problem using DFP for Small Business?


Got a note from Google just now on a new release of DFP/SB.

It will be interesting to see if the new release with it's updated geotargeting will help with this issue...

"Increased geo-targeting flexibility: We've added additional flexibility to geo-targeting so you can fine-tune the audience you reach. Now, you can target countries, regions, and cities in the same line item and exclude locations."

Not quite the same as a DMA though.

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