Discrepancy rates between DFP (DART) and 3rd party vendors

Published by: Thao Tran , Kelley Blue Book
Published on: December 3, 2012

Hi all,

I was hoping if you have any insights or know the average discrepancy rates for DFP (DART) vs. 3rd party vendors. I'm specifically interested in rich media vendor discrepancy rates and if you happen to know where I can find these information, it will be very helpful.



Hi Thao Tran,

There is no such document that can explain a fixed % discrepancy between two Ad serving systems. The discrepancy occur for various reasons (mentioned at the end of the email), and can vary from case to case basis. However, 10% discrepancy is acceptable. Anything that is beyond 10% has to be considered for escalation and troubleshooting.

Discrepancy may also occur from;
Different definitions
Large creative
Timing differences
Ad blockers
Spam filtering
Trafficking errors
Frequency capping
Geo targeting

I hope this helps.

Chirag Raval

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