DFP Premium - Upgrade or downgrade?

Published by: dan waggenheim , TechTarget
Published on: July 19, 2012


I am looking for feedback from publishers who have upgraded to DFP Premium? Have you found premium to be an upgrade or a downgrade? From a trafficking standpoint we think it has absolutely been an improvement but we have really struggled with it on the reporting end. Many critical reporting features were eliminated and the rich media reporting is a mess. I am still trying to determine if the issues are with DPF or with us becasue we have some non-standard/unique ad units.



Chiming in after almost a year of using DFP Premium.

Firstly, the fact that CPM is NOT looked at for any priorities except for Price Priority appalls me. This is a financial tool to make money...if my Value Added line at $0 has the same weight as the sold line at $25...something is very wrong! We don't operate in a perfect bubble where every month we're able to deliver in full...we live in a world where sales will inflate the avails we give them and oversell the site...and it's all good because that way we can monetize every last impression! But...if at the end of the month, paid lines are under-delivered...there will be hell to pay (especially if the bonus lines are delivering!).

I don't get the rationale behind this at all...have had talks with folks there about it and some of them seemed to get it, but it doesn't sound like it will be changing.

in answer to the title of the post...I'd rule this "feature" a downgrade!

I'm also working with a network to try to fulfill on the promised that DFP Premium is a great network server. We're just not really seeing it. Reporting is lacking the ability for the publishers to see sold and unsold impressions (unfilled is NOT unsold!) and the passback style of tags are "working" but we're seeing odd behavior with 100% SOV ads not showing every time. Plus...when a publisher uses DFP and has Single Request enabled...their counts can be grossly inflated due to the (in my opinion) faulty counting mechanism of Single Request (it counts the impression from the call TO the ad server regardless of whether that ad is on the page at all...leads to inflated numbers and can lead to billing advertisers for impressions that they did NOT actually get in front of a user!). This makes the publisher think the network is ripping them off and will make them leave the network altogether.

I like some things about DFP Premium a lot...but there are some really wonky decisions that I'm seeing of late...and I keep wondering in the back of my head if Google really doesn't want DFP to remain the ad serving leader that it's always been. I don't think they're trying to kill it...but maybe repurpose it? I hope not...and I prefer to think not...but some of the changes made really make me wonder, because from the standpoint of a rather heavy user of the system...it's becoming less and less viable as the king of the ad servers. :-(


Throwing in my $0.02 as a pub and a major integration partner on DFP Premium.

While there's been resistance to upgrading, in almost all instances I'd recommend a publisher does it. I think they are still working on things at Google (evidenced by the Query tool note from Rainey), and they are very aligned to get XFP out deeper in the market.

Plus, the new XFP platform is setup a lot better for the future. A selfish but true example are the integrations done with third parties (like ours at www.isocket.com). Over the next few years, not having access to that platform will hurt publisher's business / leave them lagging.

John Ramey

Hi Dan,

I've not gotten to play much with reporting yet...just made the switch to DFP Premium and I'm working on porting over a couple of clients...so I'll feel your pain next month most likely!

That said...rumor has it that the Query tool is coming back. Apparently there was a loud enough outcry about the new "improved" reporting...that we got taken seriously! woohoo!!! I just went through my Premium training and there was a lot of "isn't this great" type of stuff around the reporting...but living in DFP Small Business as much as I do for other clients...well, it ain't our Query tool now is it? ;-)

What kind of discrepancies are you seeing...higher? lower? all over the place? (I see that in DFP SB...one day it'll be 3% less than the 3rd party and the next day it's 4% higher than the 3rd party...really not cool)

So...I guess my answer is...improvement is coming! (but no ETA from Google)


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