DFP premium -frequency reporting

Published by: Kate Peskett , Nature Publishing Group
Published on: January 12, 2013

It doesn't seem to be possible to report on frequency distribution within campaigns anymore I wondered if anyone else was having problems with this and what possible solutions there are?



Hey All,

Correct, DFP Premium does not have capability to report on frequency caps. I've raised a feature request already, and waiting for response from DFP Support.

I'd suggest maximum DFP users to log a feature request for the same, for a due consideration.

Chirag Raval
Program Manager | MediaMint

Hey Kate,

We've migrated and I can confirm there is no more frequency reporting.

Hey Kate,

We migrate over to the new DFP and when I went to training DFP mentioned there is no longer the ability to report on line item frequency. I'll see if I can more insight into if it may come back...


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