DFP Premium - Forcing to Upgrade

Published by: Nathan ,
Published on: January 30, 2013

Hi Guys,

Is anyone currently using DFP Legacy and getting cut off and forced to migrate everything into the new DFP premium system?

We are told cut off is October this year. Very unreasonable.

So many lacking features DFP premium has not even considered that currently exists in DFP legacy.




it's official...they're killing it! :-(

I know DART needs to be retired, but after 12 years of working in it...well...it's comfortable and reliable!!


Hi Nathan,

In Europe, Google is apparently forcing all publishers to move until the end of September this year, even though some complain about missing functionalities.

But Google does not seem very flexible here neither.


Hey Nathan,

Hope you're doing well, and if you remember me still :-)

Okay, so every DART account has to be upgraded to DFP Premium now or later. But, I'd suggest you to list down all your requirements, and compare with DFP Premium. If you find your requirements are not fulfilled with the features available in DFP Premium, you should be able to ask to push the migration date until the feature is available (Just a thought).

Let me know if you're looking for anything specific in DFP Premium.

Chirag Raval

We have also heard the October date as a hard cut off. We are trying to migrate in the June/July timeframe. I would also be interested to hear what you have found that is missing or areas of concern.


Haven't heard anything about a hard cutoff, but I do know that Google wants to eliminate DART because supporting a ton of products is a pain.

that said, I'm on Premium and it's ok...but I still think DART is more functional in a lot of ways. Could just be 12 years of using it...but I still like it better!

What are you finding missing in DFP Premium?


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