DFP Premium causing Blank Ads?

Published by: Jonathan Lesson , Newsy
Published on: February 3, 2014

Has anyone seen an increase in blank ads on their site since switching over to DART Premium?


It could be any number of things.

1) if you are running the Single Request tags...those are literally responsible for about 95% or more of all issues with blanks and inaccurate impression counts on websites.

2) are you giving the publishers the proper tags to put into their ad server and/or hard code onto their pages? I've worked with networks who have been given the wrong information by DFP about these tags...and it causes major issues.

3) if your publishers have not provided proper backfill for the networks...blanks will show. I recommend that there is one passback and it's to AdSense or something else with 100% fill rate.

hope that helps...


Hi Jonathan,

are you referring to a more 1x1 ads in your statistics or actual blank ads?

I made the experience that we're sometimes having trouble when we're loading GPT (Google Publisher Tag) Defaults in Firefox.. The Default Ad will display for a minimum time and then vanish. Not sure whether DFP 6 is the reason though, we haven't found a solution yet.

We had a similar problem on our site. I ran a report in DFP Premium for unfilled impressions and site wide we were getting almost a million per day, which was weird because we have quite a few house ads trafficked. Unfortunately DFP does not give you the ability to include creative size as a metric when running an unfilled impression report.

What we ended up doing was switching all of our House ad lines from House Priority 16 to House Priority 15 (not sure if your Google has enabled your network to change the priority setting, but it's enabled for our network). After that, I created a catch-all house line set to House Priority 16. For the Inventory Sizes for the line, I added every size in DFP as well as some additional custom ones we use that are not in DFP. I then added a creative (essentially a 1x1 gif) for each size. Let that run for a few days and then I ran a report a report for that line to display Ad Unit and Creative Size. What we were able to find was that we were missing house ads for certain sizes. And that we did not have enough house ads for certain sizes that run multiple times on the same page.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jonathan,

We've actually been having that problem as well, but its only happening in certain sections of our site. We switched over on Friday night. Maybe we can find some time to talk. I'd be interested to see how similar our issues are.


It could be that you don't have backfill set up (house ad/catch all network), or you've maxed out all your frequency caps when you refresh the page too much, or DFP is blocking ads from your IP address to prevent "fraudulent" impressions.

We also had an issue, but I believe there was a bug with the AdX Open Auction.

Our TAM said that we did not have any eligible ads to serve in the Open Auction & it was not passing down to a house (P16) priority tier ad which caused us to serve the blanks.

However, there is a flaw in their assessment as we had a preferred deal (P7) set up that was sending back matching bid responses & were eligible to serve (but did not serve), so I believe the Open Auction was somehow blocking the preferred deal from delivering for a different reason.

It "magically" fixed itself after I lowered the Open Auction floor price, which should have had no impact on the Preferred Deal (AdX Rules do not pertain to Open Auction, so one should not affect the other).

There has still been no clear resolution, so I'm still waiting for a satisfactory answer.

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