DFP premium adserving problem

Published by: joost ,
Published on: October 25, 2012

Hi everybody, I am new here so curious as to what can come out of this. I have a case where a client has an article page. On that page is a tag for a rectangle and a tag for a halfpage ad. He never wants to serve them at the same time. I know I can fix this easily with master & companion (pixel on rectangle with the halfpage), but I want to find a solution that gives me the possibility to just book 1 normal line item.

Anybody here with some experience regarding such an issue? Help would be great!





Just want to clarufy if you dont want both the Ad Slots to appear together, or Ads from same advertiser to appear together on these two Ad Slots?

If you don't want to serve Two Ads slots together, you should in this particular case use multiple Ad Slot sizes (300x250, 300x600).

If you dont want competitor Ads to run at same time, please use Labels option in DFp Premium.

Hope this helps.

Chirag Raval

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