DFP 6 - Can Master/Companion decrease delivery?

Published by: Felix Wrede , Netzathleten Media, de
Published on: February 17, 2014

Hi guys,

we switched from DFP 5 to 6 last year.
We were always using master/companion ads for types such as Wallpaper (729x90 + 160x600), Billboards (to block the leaderboard) or Expandables (to block a layer ad that could be delivered at the same time).
Please note that we have a lot of different domains, on some of which the companion ad size is not available at all. This is especially true when we book an Expandable Skyscraper, for example: The creative runs with the creative size of 160x600, but we attach an empty 200x300 ad (layer creative size) to block eventual layers from our network, even when some of the sites don't have a 200x300 ad call at all! This worked fine in DFP 5.

Some of our campaigns that were booked as master/companion ads delivered far less than was available after we switched to DFP 6. When we booked them as standard ads however, the delivery was sometimes much higher.
This leads me to the impression that DFP 6 may lower the delivery when the system assumes that the companion's ad slot size may not be available on a certain site (the reason may be another, but I don't doubt the effect).

Has someone of you made a similiar experience?

Kind regards,

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