DFA Tags with Unusually High Clicks from Mountain View IP address.

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Published by: Brittany Rabena , Everyday Health Inc.
Published on: August 13, 2013

Hi Monsters,

We have a client using DFA tags that noticed low impressions but unusually high clicks coming from Mountain View, (i.e. where Google is located), when they review their data by city. As an example, we'll see 16 impressions with 10 clicks coming from Mountain View.

When we reached out to DFA, they said these clicks were not coming from them directly.

Has anyone else ever run into this issue before?



Have you discovered any additional information regarding the high number of clicks that you've experienced?

I've seen a high amount of click discrepancy between DFA and DFP with the high number of clicks originating from Columbus, OH according to the DFA reports. For example, today we're running a takeover where DFA is reporting 2,130 impressions and 505 clicks in just Columbus, OH. The total number of clicks we're reporting for the campaign in DFP is 128 and the ad has not served any impressions in Columbus, OH according to DFP because I've excluded it from the targeting to see if that would have any effect.

The "clicks" could be coming from web crawlers that are running in Google App Engine Cloud. You could see similar results for places in Virginia as thats where Amazon primary facility are for EC2.

If the tags are html and not javascript they can be easily crawled and even today javascript can be crawled as well.

Haven't come across that, but it might be that DFA tested their tags, and sent you over the same ones for the live campaign.

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